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Empowering Our Seniors

Empowering Our Seniors

Empowering Our Seniors

This November, BEOF took a proactive step to bring its Financial Empowerment Program directly to our homebound seniors through our Meals on Wheels Program. Thanks to the generous support of our partners at BCB Bank we were able to curate specially made bags filled with valuable information focusing on the critical subject of senior fraud.

Our tailored handouts cover common fraud-related scams targeting senior citizens, shedding light on tactics scammers employ to obtain additional payments, particularly in services like PSE&G. Even for those unable to attend our on-site seminars, we wanted to ensure that our homebound seniors stay informed on the best ways to protect themselves and their finances.

Inside these bags, our seniors found informative handouts featuring numerical puzzles to keep their minds sharp. Additionally, we provided confidentiality stamps to enhance the secure disposal of old mail or personal information.

To serve as constant reminders, we included magnets displaying upfront scams targeting seniors to be on the lookout for, offering quick references on the fridge for moments when a call, text, or email seems out of the ordinary.

BEOF’s Financial Empowerment Pilot Program has had a successful year, and we are thrilled to continue to contribute to our community’s well-being. Special thanks to our dedicated Meals on Wheels staff who ensured that everyone received their bags along with their meals today!

Together, we continue to empower, educate, and safeguard our community against financial scams.