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Senior Transportation

Senior Transportation Route Deviations

Dear Valued Members of the Bayonne Community,
We at BEOF are proud to offer a Senior Transportation Service that provides safe and reliable transportation options for our community’s senior citizens. As we strive to improve our services, we would like to inform you that we have made some route deviations to better accommodate the needs of our passengers.

These deviations have been made to ensure that our senior passengers can get to their destinations in the most efficient and convenient way possible. We have considered feedback from our passengers and have worked to create new routes that better serve the needs of our community.

We understand that change could be difficult, and we want to assure you that these route deviations have been made with the best interests of our seniors in mind. We believe that these changes will ultimately lead to a more efficient and effective Senior Transportation Service that better serves the Bayonne community.

Thank you for your continued support of BEOF and our Senior Transportation Service. If you have any questions or concerns about the route deviations, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The routes run continuously, every hour, from 9:00AM until 3:00PM on weekdays. There is no Senior Transportation service on Thursdays.

Daily Route
Pick-ups start at 9:00AM, 12:00PM, and 2:00PM

  • 535 Avenue A
  • ShopRite of Bayonne
  • Broadway at 24th Street
  • Broadway at 22nd Street
  • Constable Hook Gardens (24 East 21st Street-10:00AM ONLY) / 22nd Street Light Rail Station
  • Bayonne Crossings South
  • Bayonne Crossings North
  • South Cove Commons Franks Theater
  • Bus will make additional stops to Lidl and/or Costco, by request

Route 2
Pick-ups start at 10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 3:00 p.m.

  • 24 East 21st Street (10:00 a.m. only)
  • 535 Avenue A
  • Second Street Seniors
  • 4th Street Senior Building
  • 8th Street Light Rail Station
  • Broadway at 8th Street
  • Platty Kill Manor
  • 22nd Street Light Rail Station
  • Bayonne Crossings South
  • Bayonne Crossings North
  • South Cove Franks Theater
  • Library

This free program is available to senior citizens and disabled individuals who live in Bayonne, N.J.

For more information, call the BEOF office at 201-437-7222.