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Mental Health/Disability Manager

Program: Head Start

Reports to: Director

Position Summary/Job Function:

The Mental Health/Disability Manager is responsible for facilitating and implementing the delivery of services that support the planning, administration and ongoing assessment of services and partnerships in the areas that address the mental health and disability needs of Head Start children, families, and staff in accordance with Head Start standards.

Essential Functions:

  • The Mental Health/Disability Manager along with other Head Start staff, oversees and facilitates the implementation of services for children, families and staff with mental health and Disability needs including but not limited to; acting as liaison between families and agencies, conducting home visits, developing a Service Area plan, developing collaborations, and enlisting the aid of Therapists, Mental Health consultants or other consultants.
  • The Mental Health/Disability Manager also develops individual education for family service plans, perform classroom observations, provide staff support in child development, behavior management and social emotional development, analyze data on child outcomes, and attends scheduled meetings.
  • Establishing working relationships with parents of the children that have any mental health behavioral and/or developmental concerns through phone calls and meetings. Link children and families to on ongoing source of continuous, accessible disabilities services and mental health care.
  • Provide leadership to staff and assure the continuing training and development of program staff.
  • Act as a liaison between Head Start and different agencies including but not limited to Trinitas Hospital and the Bayonne BOE CST. Update MOUs as needed.
  • Work collaboratively with and manage the Mental Health/Disability staff to make sure that the component runs smoothly.
  • Hold monthly Teacher-Mental Health/Disability Manager Meetings to discuss any mental health issues and ensure that teachers are implementing the children’s individual IEP’S objectives into their classroom lesson plans. Arrange for mental health services for children who need them and collaborate with the education staff.
  • Attend monthly Manager Meetings held by the Director to discuss relevant issues involving the children, families, staff members, etc.
  • Hold monthly Manager-Family Worker Meetings to discuss issues pertaining to the children and their families.
  • Hold monthly Mental Health/Disability staff meetings with relevant staff to discuss pertinent information involving the Mental Health/Disability component.
  • Schedule mental health related trainings two times a year for the staff members with the Mental Health Consultant.
  • Review and maintain the observation list with input from the teachers and other component managers.
  • Work in collaboration with the Mental Health Consultant to make sure that Head Start is providing the proper Mental Health/Disability Services that are required by the Performance Standards.
  • Maintain budget for components.
  • Update the Mental Health/Disability Plan annually.
  • Complete annual Self-Assessment for the Mental Health/Disability Components.
  • Attend any Mental Health/Disabilitiy meetings and/or trainings to keep updated on latest tools, resources and techniques that can be implemented to help program thrive.
  • Complete the monthly Manager’s Report for the Mental Health/Disability Components. Provide Director with monthly Board meeting report.
  • Keep all Mental Health/Disability paperwork and files confidential and in order.
  • Ensure the timely assessment of special education/related services needs to children with disabilities, conducted in coordination with the Part C agency and/or LEA
  • Assist in modifying activities; removing all barriers; and providing support as needed for the inclusion of children with disabilities in the full range of program activities.
  • Monitor the speech component.
  • Monitor and revise written policies and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable Program Performance Standards and other Federal, State and local regulations.
  • Track provision of all child disabilities and mental health services and ensure that follow-up services are received in a timely manner.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Supervise an intern or volunteer in the Psychology and/or Disability field if the opportunity arises.
  • Review and abide by the Head Start Performance Standards.
  • Maintain appropriate sections of the Child Plus Data System.
  • Complete the sections of the annual PIR for Mental Health and Disability.
  • Attend the Parent Orientation Meeting and invite representatives from community agencies such as Trinitas Hospital.
  • Collaborate with all of the Head Start Component Managers to fully service each child and their family.
  • Gather information for and updates the Community Assessment and charts once a year.
  • Be a part of the Grow NJ Kids team; attending meetings as necessary.
  • Perform other and all duties as required by the Director.


  • Master’s Degree in Psychology or related field with two year’s experience working with children or in the mental health field.
  • Must pass background, fingerprint and sex offender checks.
  • Complete physical and mantoux test.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Substantial computer use and knowledge.
  • Excellent people skills.
  • Excellent organizational and management skills required. Bilingual skills are a plus.
  • Must have a valid NJ driver’s license and access to an insured vehicle daily.

Send resume to Bayonne Head Start – PO Box 1032 Bayonne, N.J. or fax your resume to (201) 437-0416 or email it to

Home Visitor

This is a full time, year round position that offers; Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance, 401K Retirement Plan, paid vacation, agency holidays, 12 sick days per year, and 4 personal days per year.

The Early Head Start Home Visitor will plan for and complete weekly, 1.5 hour home visits with families of children ages birth to 3 years, and pregnant women. During the course of these visits, home visitor will provide parent education as well as education to the child within the parameters of the Head Start school readiness goals. Home visitors will also plan for and complete group socializations twice per month to encourage social interaction with children on the caseload. The caseload per visitor is at an average of 10 – 12 children.

Provide families with assessments and link them to community services and resources. Develop and maintain professional working relationships with families, partners, co-workers and supervisors. (Full position description will be shared with applicants selected for in-person interviews.

Please fax your resume to (201) 437-0416 or email it to

Successful candidates will hold:

  • An Associate’s Degree or higher in Early Childhood Education, Family/Parent Education or Human Services with a focus on education, and 1 year (minimum) of teaching experience, and/or an Infant/Toddler CDA and 1 year (minimum) of teaching experience,
  • Valid New Jersey Driver’s License


  • An Associate’s Degree or higher in Early Childhood Education, Family/Parent Education, or related field of study Human Services with a focus on education, and 1 year (minimum) of teaching experience, and/or an Infant/Toddler CDA and 1 year (minimum) of teaching experience,
  • Experience working with expectant women and/or families with infants and toddlers and linking them to appropriate services
  • Working knowledge of community resources
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Strongly prefer proficiency in Arabic and/or Spanish, as well as English
  • Ability to lift/carry 50 pounds, reach above shoulder level, bend/stoop, squat, crawl, sit on floor, climb stairs, kneel, balance and push/pull
  • Must pass background, fingerprint and sex offender checks
  • Complete physical and Mantoux test

Site-Supervisor/Education & Literacy Coordinator for Bayonne Preschool

Reports to: Education/Literacy Manager and BOE- Preschool PEEA Program
Description: The Site-Supervisor/Education/Literacy Coordinator will assume data entry responsibilities, assist in maintaining quality standards in the Bayonne Head Start Education Service Area, and insure the requirements of the PEEA and Bayonne Head Start Literacy program are met.

Responsibilities Include:
Site supervisor shall be responsible for the daily site operations of the two classrooms in the PEEA Program including activities, attendance monitoring, children’s records, COR Advantage Input, daily lesson plans, following ECERS-3 requirements of the setup of the classroom, purchasing of materials and equipment, monthly reports and scheduling. Keep all children’s records in strictest confidence. Attend professional development in-service/trainings/workshops offered by the District.

  • Serve as coordinator of the Bayonne Head Start Literacy Program
  • Oversee two classrooms
  • Demonstrate professional level organizational, record-keeping, data entry, written communication skills and computer skills
  • Maintain inventory data for all classrooms
  • Develop and implement a Comprehensive Literacy Plan for Bayonne Head Start families to include ESL instruction and GED preparation.
  • Establish literacy based collaborations with classroom staff, local libraries, local book stores, and a variety of community professionals and organizations as well as employ technology for children in all classrooms.
  • Establish Memorandums of Understanding with local elementary schools that receive Head Start children to insure the Bayonne Head Start School Readiness Goals are met
  • Encourage family literacy for the purpose of strengthening children’s positive educational outcomes, and building a thriving community
  • Recruit parents, city officials, B.E.O.F. Administrators and Board Members, and community partners including administrators and teachers from local schools, to read to our children each month
  • Conduct literacy activities (read) to children once a month (unless an aforementioned volunteer has been secured)
  • Complete and submit required reports
  • Conduct smooth operation of Bayonne Head Start’s on-site lending library
  • Coordinate Annual Family Literacy Night
  • Research and implement a range of effective and innovative literacy practices
  • Attend monthly supervision meetings
  • Perform routine clerical duties such as data entry, filing, duplicating and prepping all materials as requested by the Education/Literacy Manager.
  • Participate in meetings, conferences, pre-service and in-service trainings, and parent education and involvement activities as assigned.
  • Scheduling Education/Literacy related events
  • Compile and distribute monthly calendars and the quarterly newsletter for parents


  • BA Degree in Early Childhood Education or related field
  • Must pass background, fingerprint and sex offender checks
  • Complete physical and Mantoux test
  • Minimum 1 year of qualifying experience as a literacy coordinator/assistant
  • Minimum 1 year of preschool classroom experience
  • Minimum 1 year of supervisory experience
  • Ability to speak and write English/Arabic or English/Spanish fluently preferred
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with children, adult learners and their families.
  • Interpersonal skills (communication, problem solving, conflict management, collaboration) a must Proficient in use of computer software including MS Office and the Internet
  • Knowledge of reading, writing and literacy development
  • Proficient in the knowledge of how adults learn
  • Strong organizational skills.
  •  Must be able to work independently in the performance of job responsibilities
  • Order and maintain the literacy books for ESL, and GED
  • Perform any other responsibilities as required by the Education/Literacy Manager, the Director and the BOE Preschool PEEA Program

Send resume to BEOF – PO Box 1032 Bayonne, N.J. or fax your resume to (201) 437-0416 or email it to